Ono Bikes is a custom e-bike and bicycle manufacturer.

The bikes we make are solid, reliable and
outrageously stylish. We particularly address
individual needs of our customers, so the
bike they order fits them perfectly. This is
why each piece we produce is unique.

The idea behind Ono Bikes is to go beyond the conventional bicycle profile and
challenge the traditional design by offering captivating shapes that spark
imagination and move the spirit.

Our first model Archont is a handcraed easy rider: a three meter long cruiser
bicycle or e-bike, conceived with sole aim to provide an exhilarating experience
and an unparalleled riding pleasure… and a head-turning presence. It is the
precursor of our style direction and a sign of things to come.

e-bike is highly

All about a relaxed style of riding the bicycle, it
offers a widely varied cruiser bike experience
within the same frame, depending on the choice
of electric motor & battery, and parts.

Our proposed configurations are based on the
kind of ride they each provide with respect to
drivetrain characteristics, gradually aiding to an
even more comfortable experience. Each
specification essentially represents the next
level of performance and usability, but we are
also open for wishes and suggestions of the
future owners.

Living green and sustainable is the only viable lifestyle in the long run, and the bicycle fits
this concept perfectly. Add to it a potent, reliable, emission free electro-motor, and you
have a perfect means of sustainable personal urban transport, sufficient for most people.


For some of us, though, there’s also the matter of style.